A downloadable Search_Party

The Search Party That Never Came is a short experience about trying to escape from a masked killer. You will need to find items to unlock doors and run or hide from the masked killer searching for you.

This is the first game I've ever released to the public. I made the game for a university project and thought it would be cool to upload it online for others to try out. The game is not perfect and there are a few bugs I plan to fix (mainly some camera issues) Please let me know what you think of the game, I appreciate all feedback.

If you would like to contact me, you can message me on twitter.

Install instructions

Download the file and unzip it, run the EXE file. 


Search Party 1.0.2.zip 104 MB


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Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and I gotta say, it was really good. I usually get a LOT of bad indie horrors but yours really restored my faith in the indie horror community! Good on ya. I give an in-depth review in my video below


Why is there Yume Nikki music?

Brrr, this was a much creepier experience than I was anticipating! I thought maybe I'd be doing a lot more running around, but no! Stealth is the name of the game here, something I seem to be inherently bad at.

The game really threw me off balance at the beginning too, I was anticipating being mauled by something right from the get go, and the third person view made things very uncomfortable (especially when you get to a corner!), but then the switch to first person kicked in and things became a lot more claustrophobic and murdersome!

It took me a lot of trial and error to get into the swing of how our friendly chainsaw-wielding maniac ticks, and my poor budski died a lot of times. But I got him outta there in the end, in (mostly) one piece!

I really enjoyed this, there were a couple of wonky aspects (like the times I thought I was hidden but was actually definitely not hidden) but on the whole it was very well put together and provided a nice chilling half hour or so! Keep up the awesome work =)


Epic ps1 style horror game the fixed camera angles and tank controls were great to see again and I loved how it went from silent hill into a crazy chase horror game

You made a awesome game bro fantastic I really loved it!! Keep up the good work!! Check out the full my review of the game!! If you like my review subscribe really appreciate you all thanks!!

Played it and enjoyed it, liked the change of camera perspective, haven't seen anyone attempt it or do it since Nier

Bro this game is fantastic I love your Idea of this game but only one problem is we cant play with mouse which make it very hard to escape that Mask guy....I found a way to Trick him and reach to the Crowbar easily without Crouching :D  Watch the Video to Find out.

Thank you for playing I really appreciate it! I watched your video and saw haha thank you for uploading it. The way I designed the game is that you have to be sneaky, if you sprint at all it's very likely he'll hear you :)